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Our Purpose:

Why RebelCapitalist.com?

American capitalism has been hijacked by a predatory class that is intent on advancing their economic interests at the expense of unsuspecting hard working people.  The notion of honest private economic activity is quickly disappearing.  Americans need a voice in our economy - RebelCapitalist.com will be the megaphone for that voice.

What is RebelCapitalist.com?

This predatory class flourishes on an uninformed and uneducated public.  RebelCapitalist.com is a forum where people can gain knowledge and understanding of personal finance issues, our economy and business (we need to know what the rascals are doing).  RebelCapitalist.com provides financial and economic information for the rest of us.  There are certain principles that RebelCapitalist is committed to:

Our Editorial Staff

Dennis Kelleher (MrBlue)
Dennis Kelleher is founder and publisher of RebelCapitalist. He cheers for the Chicago White Sox, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Iowa Hawkeyes. His favorite color is blue (and black and gold).

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, he came from a working class family (with a huge extended family). His mother was a registered nurse (now a hospital administrator) and his father was a union meat cutter. He was taught by his family and community “to never forget where you came from.”

Dennis attended the University of Iowa, where after seven years he earned a Bachelor’s Degree, a Law Degree and a Master’s Degree, and he met his wife, Kirsten. Then in 1992, with the burden of student loan debt, the newly wed couple moved back to the Chicagoland area. Dennis practiced law in the areas of municipal finance and commercial real estate for eight years before leaving the profession for the government sector.

In 2000, he became the Deputy City Treasurer of the City of Chicago. In this position he saw first hand the devastation that predatory home lending was having on communities. This prompted him to help create an outreach program that produced a traveling workshop and an informational booklet on predatory home lending. One of Dennis’ proudest achievements was creating, with the help of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and the City Colleges of Chicago, a financial literacy program that was free to Chicago residents and offered through the City Colleges of Chicago.

Dennis continued to work for the City of Chicago in various senior management positions until 2006. Tired of working for a big bureaucracy and yearning to be his own boss, he quit his job to pursue his own dreams and become a thorn in the side of the corporate and political establishment. He and Kirsten have been happily married since 1991 and have two active boys.



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